Hardcore Happenings


Crimbo Update!

So, I've been playing a lot of Urban Dead lately, but that hasn't stopped me from also logging into the Ol' Kingdom, just to grab the Crimbo spirit.

In passing, I've also managed to slog through level 12 and 13 of the NS-13 content. And I do mean slog. It all just seems designed to generate immense amounts of clicking and has a very high "go there, fetch that" ProgressQuest feel. I did cut through it and a bit of the content was amusing, although it really is too much. The high-level area's of the Spookyraven Mansion were already somewhat too much for me, so NS-13 really isn't for me.

Anyway, I might even ascend though. Gaining a trophy here or there seems interesting enough a challenge. Also, I renamed my mallstore, in honour of Urban Dead.



This is just the official announcement.

I'm retired. Why? Maybe it was my new job. Maybe it was the game changing so much (less funny, more gamey). Maybe I just lost interest. Maybe it was NS-13. Maybe it was the fact that so many old players had gone and so many new players had come.

It's of no importance, really. KoL has been a game, and more importantly a community that I've enjoyed being part of for the past few years. I'll still be there, visiting on occasion. Maybe banning a spamming noob for old time's sake. I just won't be playing the game at the high performance end like I used to.

Which also leaves this blog, which started as an experiment to document a hardcore run and ended up being a tool for me to really hone my ascension skills, without a clear purpose.

I've decided to officially wrap up this blog. If you've ever read it, I hope you at least enjoyed my prose. If you read it now, I suggest skipping it as source of gameplay tips and only browse it if you're interested in how the game was played before NS-13.

Keypunch out. See you in the chats!



Since a week, I've been logging in for a bit, mostly to chat.

But gameplaywise, it's fun to gather bounty for the bountyhunterhunter and collect filthy lucre. It's a fun goal even if ascending is old hat.

Although, now I'm getting to the point where new content will truly show up...so I'm kinda curious about it.

I plan to explore it somewhat and ascend into a regular run.


Temporarily Unavailable

With a weekend being out of the running, after a month of basically using KoLmafia to play the game, I'm kinda out of it. Especially with lots of other stuff eating into my time.

I achieved my goals, but I'm going to discontinue the blog for the near future.

I hope some of you enjoyed it so far, and feel free to give me a shout-out in-game.

Keypunch (#30036), out.


Day 34: The butler did it

Woot! Trophy. Now to get to level 30 in time for moxie days.

Level 28 Turtle Tamer


Day 30: On the Brink

So, it's been 30 days. About a maximum of a week before I achieve the Trophy. And I'm on the cusp of Muscle day as well, so that ought to give my mainstat a good boost.

As it is, I've only got 62.7% of required stats. Which is a bit low. And I didn't particularly want to clover, but we'll see where the dual muscle days will get us. The aim is to be done before next Moxie days, so I can try and see if I can put in a decent attempt at a two-dayer...

Wish me luck!

Keypunch (#30036)
Level 26 Turtle Tamer


Day 27: Update

I really enjoyed the Cinco de Mayo adventuring, and although I've been slacking a bit, I managed to pass the 50% mark of required stats.

Keypunch (#30036)
Level 25 Turtle Tamer